The Sober Parrot | 19th September 2018

Location: 7 St James Square
Gloucestershire GL50 3PR

Date of visit: 19th September 2018


Saint James’ Square public car park is a few minutes walk away from the venue. There are 3 disabled bays and there is no charge for blue badge holders.


The front entrance leading into the venue has two steps, making it inaccessible for a wheelchair user. There is a bell at the front door to ring if you are unable to use the steps, this will get the attention of the staff who will assist you around a side entrance that is not generally for public use. There is a narrow corridor when using this entrance which would be unsuitable for large wheelchairs or mobility scooters. The manager, Jo is eager to make the venue as accessible as possible and is going to investigate purchasing a temporary ramp to be used at the front entrance. The front door is nice and wide and would be suitable for larger chairs or scooters.


There are two levels to the venue, the ground level is completely accessible, the walk way is wide enough for a wheelchair to get through and there are plenty of accessible tables. Depending on your wheelchair size you may need to fold your footplates due to the tables being pedestal tables.

The menus are nice and light, the text is quite small making it difficult to read if you have a visual impairment, the menu is simple and easy to read otherwise. There is a lowered bar/counter which would be easy for a wheelchair user to get underneath, so you can order your own drinks at the bar and pay.

There is a second floor which is used for music events, it is a small building and there is no lift access. It is nice and quiet up here during the day, suitable for somebody sensitive to noise.

The lighting through the building was overhead and dimmed with plenty of natural daylight coming in through lots of windows.


There is a disabled toilet located at the back of the building, the toilet is designed for a right-hand transfer and has appropriate hand rails to do so. The other facilities including sink, soap dispenser and hand dryer are all at a lowered height and within reach. The toilets are nice and clean and big enough for a smaller wheelchair to turn around in.

Customer Service

The manager Jo was very friendly and took the time to sit and chat with me about my work and had some questions on how they could make themselves more accessible. The waitress was also very polite, and all staff were well dressed an approachable.

Accessibility Rating


Four out of five


Four out of five

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